Monday, August 10, 2009

Myla is a Preschooler!

Our little girl is growing up! Today was her first day of preschool. She has been waiting for this day forever (in a 3 year old's mind). She hated being left behind when I'd drop Cade off at school. Her day has finally come. Here she is walking to the car, with bookbag on her shoulder and a huge smile on her face.

Here she is wearing her new, first-day-of school dress I made:
This is one of Myla's preschool teachers (she has two teachers, on of them happens to be Aunt Jamie):
(They are some spots open for a couple of more children to join the class. Click on the button below for information.)
This is what Myla made today in class. She got to glue, color and cut!

Cade starts his Pre-K class in a couple of days. He is so excited to start school again!

On a selfish note, I'm a little bummed that the kids are starting school. We get so excited for these milestones, and we should because it is exciting. They get to learn and make new friends and grow and make decisions for themselves and progress, which is what life is all about. But it also means they are growing up and we will never have these moments again with them. Sometimes I wish I could tell them to slow down, stop growing, stay little for a little longer! But I can't. And it's okay, because the way their eyes light up when they try something new and succeed makes my heart so happy that it makes up for it. And watching their determined little faces when something doesn't go right but they keep trying anyway makes me so excited to find out what they will accomplish in life because they are so determined.


the Picketts

Myla is such a doll! And i dont think i ever mentioned how much i love her dress--so adorable!


Yeah for Myla! I love the dress and her big smiles! And I totally get your sentiments about wanting to tell them to slow down! It goes by sooo fast!

Scotty and Jenna

story of my life! not a day goes by without me telling eva to just slow down!