Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We *heart* painting

We are going a little stir crazy around these parts. Last week everyone was sick and, therefore, confined to the house (too many cases of RSV going around to take the chance infecting any other little baby). And the rain, which has been wonderful, is cold and wet and dirty...and so we haven't been able to play outside in over a week! TV and trains and coloring and "play" fighting with toy light sabers can only be so much fun. So we decided to make some Valentines.
I cut out sponge hearts to dip in paint and sponge onto cardstock.
The kids couldn't get enough. I finally had to halt the sponge-a-heart operation. I later cut these up into 4.5 x 6.5 cards that the kids signed to include with a valentine that we sent out to grandparents and other family. Nothing fancy, but fun. (Yes, we are still in our PJs. We *heart* PJs too.)

Lots of paint on hands (and faces and arms and legs and...yikes...the carpet) and we went straight to the...


We also *heart* bubble baths.
If you are looking for some fun things to do with your kids for Valentine's day, One Pretty Thing, has a pretty comprehensive list of projects other bloggers and websites post.


The MacMizzles

um, I love all these things also, accept the paint on the carpet...

They are getting so big, oh how I would love to drive over and hang out...


So fun! I too love bubble baths!


The stamping looks like fun. I'm not brave enough to try it yet, but I'm going to tuck it away in my rainy day file for the future! Hope everyone is feeling better!


Good for you for making a bad day better. I'd probably just scream.


Cute idea!! You are a brave soul with the paint though. I love it when people put things like this on their blogs so I can get ideas, thanks!


Fun times. Hope your kiddos are feeling better. I love bubble baths too, but just like naps they are luxuries that we don't often get like when we were kids.