Monday, February 16, 2009

Down at the AMY

On Valentine's day we took the kids to the Arizona Museum for Youth. They held a special "We Love our Members" event that was a lot of fun. For Christmas this year, Grandma and Grandpa McMillan got us a membership to the AMY. It's always a good time. I couldn't take pictures of the actual exhibits, but I could take pictures of things the kids did. I wish I could have taken a picture of Myla looking at this exhibit of a large stone carving of a mother and child. She was fascinated by it. She said, "Mommy that's you and that's me!" in her very high pitched voice. It's so exciting to watch the kids get into art and actually apply to their own lives. I am learning that they are never too young to appreciate art -- in all of it's many forms.
We made Valentine cards.
I love the fun, age appropriate education activities the AMY has. One of the exhibits right now is an African theme, and here is a large puzzle of Africa. Cade just wanted to do this the whole time.
I call this the Ikea room. It seems like everything in it is from Ikea. Myla loved these little chairs that spun around. I could spin her for a half hour and she would still be asking for more.
We did some cookie decorating. I know what you're thinking, "Where are the aprons?" That's what I thought too. :)
It was really cool. They had edible ink markers to color on the cookies. Nice and tidy. I need to find me some of those.
Gavin was his usual sweet self, just watching everyone do their thing.
Cade and Kevin love to build something out of the blocks just so they could knock them down.
Myla the Art-"eest"
Myla the Happy Tigress
Gavin the Patient Lion
Cade the Roaring Tiger


the Picketts

Call me next time to go, before my membership runs out! i love that place! You guys did so many new things!


So fun! We're hoping to go this week, if we can finally get everyone healthy.


Looks like fun, I don't think I have ever heard of the AMY I will have to check it out sometime


Love that place! I love watching kids descover things! It's a real eye opener!

Julia M.

What a fun Valentine's! And a perfect Christmas gift. Those McMillans are something else. :) Your children are so beautiful. I can't get enough of them!

Heidi McMillan

What a fun musuem. Glad you guys had such a great time. Your kids are soo cute. Can't get enough of them.

The MacMizzles

What a fun Valentines day. I think kids make holidays better. How cool that your kids appreciate art. So cool.

Jill Manning

Your kids are too sweet!! Do they have things appropriate for 7 month olds? And yes, where can we get our hands on those markers, that is a great idea! Maybe if we make them kiddie aprons, they will give us all free memberships...hmmmmmmmm, there's a thought!

Jennifer Flake

LOVE the lion masks!

That looks like a fun museum! I'll have to see about taking the kids there during Spring Break!