Saturday, December 1, 2007

Counting Down to Christmas

It's officially December!! Hooray! I found this really fun idea on how to countdown to Christmas. It's basically an advent calendar, with colorful homemade envelopes instead! Inside each envelope is a Christmas-y activity. Check out the full instructions at this awesome site. Today Cade took down the first envelope and we read it together. The activity was to reflect on our blessings and hang up the pretty ceiling ornaments that are a tradition in Kevin's mom's family.
The kids loved hanging them up. Daddy would lift them up to stick it to the ceiling then they would blow on them to watch them dance.
After we had them all hung up Kevin turned on the ceiling fan and we watched them all dance together. I love having these up. It makes the house feel so festive.


Jay and Kerry

Those are some of my favorite ornaments! I loved learning how to make those! Jay and I made about 5 million (ok, exaggerating) last year! How fun...what a fun advent calander! That's a great way to get into the holiday spirit!

Julia M.

What a great idea to count down to Christmas. I love it! And your family is so beautiful! I'm sure having children makes this time of year even more fun!


How cute! I saw that idea on Family fun but, they used cute little socks and hung them up with clothes pins.

The McMillans

LOOK how cute your house is. Oh I wish I could come and hang out during this season at your house. I love the advent calendar,...I am going to add that the list of things I would like to do for Christmas. Maybe ours can start on Dec 4th. Your the best.

Haws Family

That's such a cute idea Chris! I'm going to save this on my computer and do it with the kids next year!

The Blakes

I am so inspired! I think I'll start making it this year and have it ready for next. Did you make your own envelopes out of scrapbook paper? Do tell!

Blinzinger Family

That is sooo cool! I LOVE this idea. I am a little late, but I am going to cram today and tomorrow and see if I can get them done so we can start ours! HOW FUN!

Are your ceiling ornaments home made? If so, tell how you make those. Totally another cute idea. I am so into finding traditions for our family and I LOVE learning of other family's traditions. So fun!

The AZ McMillans

Yes, I made the envelopes out of scrapbooking paper I had laying around. Since turning to digi scrapbooking I have a ton of paper supplies left over. If you need any paper I have quite a Christmas though, I used all of that.


I want to be like Kevin when I grow up...

Ron & Lynn McMillan

That looks like so much fun- what a great memory and tradition!

Domestic Chicky

What a cool idea! I may have to borrow this! I hope you had a wonderful holiday and an even more wonderful New Year!