Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Card Picture Rejects

This year I was pretty unsuccessful at capturing a good Christmas card picture of the kids to send out. But in the process I was able to capture the fun and loving relationship Cade and Myla have. So even though these are the reject pics, they are my favorites. So consider this your Christmas card. :)

They started out holding hands, but then started swinging around.
Of course Myla fell down, but Cade was right there to pick her up...
and then give her hugs to make it better.


Choate Family

Those are too cute! I love the one of them standing and hugging and looking the other way. That's one to frame! Happy Holidays!

Blinzinger Family

Those are sooo cute! So sweet! Makes my heart melt!

Jared & Nicole Haws Family

Christie those are adorable! I love hug/kiss pictures. Their outfits are adorable!

Julia M.

How fun to see them be such good friends. You should be proud as parents that your children like each other! Merry Christmas!


Awww.... brother, sister love. So ADORABLE. They are so cute together. I love all the pictures.

Jill Manning

These are super cute, I can't believe how loving they are with each other! If they ever feel like killing each other when they are older, you can show them these pics to remind them that they loved each other dearly once before. And what tender moments to capture as a mom, that is great that you have these forever and ever!

The Blakes

One word...tender!

Jay and Kerry

Those pictures are sooooo adorably cute! How sweet they are with each other!!!


I like the last picture. He is innocently kissing his baby sister where she looks like she is nblling up some chin ready for a little bite. Your kids are too cute!

The James Duo

so know they really love eachother


Just precious, those are great pictures even though they are the reject ones, they still capture the great little relationship that they have with one another.