Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cowgirl Myla and her 5th Birthday

Wanted: for felony cuteness and random spouts of sass. This couldn't be more true. This girl has both. For her birthday she wanted to celebrate cowgirl style...and so we did! It was a great time and her friends from school and our neighborhood came. We made cowgirl necklaces, ate a bunch of junk food, decorated cupcakes, painted fingernails and bossed around the mom (yeah, that's me). Myla was in heaven.
The Cowgirl
For her birthday Myla got her own room with a new bed. She was so excited. We've had the three kids in the same room for awhile. It's a pretty big room and they wanted to be together. But its time for the girl to get her own girl room. She loves it and so do I.
Teacher Hope
Myla just finished MELP (pre-K) and adores her teachers: Teacher Hope and Teacher Cece. She will be a big kindergartener next year. Her teachers were awesome and she is so excited to go to kindergarten.
Myla with Teacher Cece
Myla is also in dance and had her big recital a few weeks ago. They did a sleeping beauty number and a pirate tap dance. So cute!
Myla is 2nd from the left doing her sleeping beauty.

Myla at 5:
* determined
* sweet
* sassy
* so smart
* observant
* loves getting into makeup
* hates getting her hair done (by me anyway)
* loves swimming and playing t-ball
* loves her daddy and grandparents
* has tea parties and loves to paint nails
* loves helping mom in the kitchen
* wants a puppy (not gonna happen)
* is very social and loves playing with friends
* best friend in Kaitlyn from MELP
* is ready for kindergarten!!



OH my GOSH Christy, leave it to you to do something totally adorable for her party! That invitation was SO darling!!! Myla is too, too cute. And how exciting she got her own room. That is a big milestone. Can you believe you'll have another one in school??? Craziness.

Julia M.

Your children are so darling! Time really does fly!! Hooray for summer!


A little Christie! She's a cutie!


such a darling theme- luv the invites....she's so much like you...haha:) she's so lucky to have such a crafty cute momma:)


I want an invitation like that for my next party!!! You completely outdid yourself sister. What a wonderful party, and a darling room. She is so beautiful Christie.

The Hamburgs

She is to cute! And Common you know you want a puppy!