Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kid Updates.

Cade is 5 years old and is a ball of energy. He never stops moving! He's either fighting imaginary Transformers or playing light sabers with Myla. He loves school and adores his teachers. He comes home everyday repeating pretty much every word they said. It's cute! He's super excited to start Kindergarten next year. He keeps telling me we need to get him ready for Kindergarten. We got some BOB books and read a couple every day. It's amazing how his reading skills have skyrocketed. It's so fun for him to be able to say he read the whole book. He's a great helper and loves Myla and Gav so much. He'll be starting T-ball soon and he can't wait for that! My dad played catch the other day with him and he loved it.

Myla is three years old, but soon to be four (she won't let me forget it!). She wants to be as old as Cade and hasn't quite figured out that she won't ever be as old as Cade. Myla is a busy little bee. She goes to preschool twice a week and also goes to her dance class once a week. She loves it all. She is my most social child and is always looking for something to do or somewhere to go. She writes her name everywhere and loves practicing the alphabet and primary songs at the top of her lungs. She loves to ride her bike and play with her brothers. Sometimes she's quite the little tomboy, having two brothers, but she's definitely all girl too.

Oh, the Gavman. He keeps us laughing. He is talking a little more lately. Mostly he just parrots what we say. Recent additions to his vocabulary include foul ball, hot dog, car, bath, Cade and Myla. He thinks he should be able to do everything his bigger siblings can do. When they play Wii he wants a turn too. When they ride their bikes he wants nothing to do with his new toddler car, he wants to ride a bike too. Gavin started nursery in December, but hasn't quite warmed up to it yet. It surprises me because when I take him to the gym kidcare he cries when I come to pick him up....he doesn't want to leave! But when we take him to nursery he throws a the fit of the century. Oh man. He'll get used to it soon. He's growing up way too fast for my liking...but isn't that always the way it goes. He is quick to smile and laugh. He's such a joy!

isn't one of my kids, but I thought I'd give a little update on him anyway. He has begun his last semester of nursing school! Can I get a woot woot?! (Ok, I can't pull that off very well.) He has a lot on his plate now with work, school, church calling and family, and sometimes it can get overwhelming, but I think he is doing a fantastic job. We all can't wait until May!


Julia M.

Woot WOOT!! I love your family. Your children are so intelligent!


Woot Woot!! We will be there in May. And it will be at that point, that we will woot and then woot a little more.!!!

I love your kids, and I cannot wait to do all the things described in blog entry when we get there. Especially the singing. :)

the Picketts

love the update! miss you guys! love that gavin says "foul ball" - i cant believe he's talking!! why cant nursery be more like gym daycare:)?? my boys were the same way- hated nursery but did ok at the gym- weird!! we need to hang out-its been too long!

Jessie Lewis

Where's the Christie update? Maybe I should try Maddie at the Pure Fitness. I'm glad I got to see Cade's transformer impressions.