Sunday, December 13, 2009

Myla wanted a mullet...

so she decided to cut one herself. It was nice, but it needed a little more work.
The evidence.
And more evidence.
The final product. Kevin and I vetoed the mullet and encouraged her to go with a more sassy 'do...
because she has such a sassy personality.

PS Mom has recovered. Dad is still chuckling. Myla says she looks "bootiful." And she does! In the end, it's just hair. Right?



It'll grow back. She does sport that look very well. Little Sassy pants. She's such a cutie. Can't wait to see her new look tomorrow.

Jared and Nicole Haws Family

Total sassy! She's cute with or without hair. Although I must say you are handling it WAY better than I, I think I'd be crying for a week. I guess every girl has to do it, it's their right of passage :-) She's adorable no matter what! I love that girl!


Oh my! I would have struggled with that incident too. But she does look cute no matter the hair style!

The MacMizzles

This child will be close to me forever. Why not a mullet? You mean they are out of style...

I love the final product. I feel that someone with such beautiful blue eyes should have very little hair in the way. She is gorgeous!

the Picketts

i actually think she looks adorable with her new do:) so funny! every kid has to do that at least once right? i'm glad you took a pic of the mullet before chopping it off:)

Scott and Jenna

Ohh my goodness, I totally chopped my bangs up to my scalp when I was little! The best part is that I didn't think anyone would know that it was ME who did it or even NOTICE my silly bangs (besides my clever mom of course). So I acted like it was this big secret! What a rude awakening to see the pictures 20 years later ;) At least Myla's bout with hairdressing could be turned into a cute new look! Love it!


Nice Myla....but she does rock a pixie cut!


Her final style looks absolutely adorable but her hair was so long. I would die if my girls did that since they don't have much hair to begin with. Lately a lot of my friends have dealt with the same thing with their girls as you did.

Jill Manning

Its official, Myla and I are kindred spirits (at least when she had her mullet). I can't wait to see her new sassy do in person. I know she will rock that do!