Thursday, June 4, 2009

One Year Ago Today...

Gavin Webb McMillan was born. Where does the time go?? I just want to shout, "Stop! Wait! Slow down!" When I was a new mom I'd hear all the time, "Enjoy this time. It goes so fast." After awhile I started getting a little annoyed. The endless sleeplessness contributed to that. But I think I am finally now beginning to understand why the little old ladies say it every time I run into them in the produce section. It really does go so fast. I feel like this picture was taken just last week and I was holding a little 8 pound baby, struggling to nurse, battling two toddlers wanting to sit on my c-section incision while poking their little fingers into Gav's eyes, waking up every 3-4 hours a night to feed (wait, I still do that!: :)), nuzzling little tiny feet and kissing the sweet wrinkles on his forehead when he looked up at me (that is my most favorite newborn feature--those forehead wrinkles).

A year later I am struggling to hold his little body still while I change his diaper, battling two preschoolers who want to keep him out of their newly built train track, nuzzling a little pot belly and kissing his sweet, chubby cheeks. He is an extremely determined child. Just last week he wanted into the bath tub with Cade and Myla and so he tried to climb in. He kept at it for quite some time, and before I knew it he was in head first, sputtering up water, but with a huge grin on his face because he did it! He is walking now, although he doesn't like to walk to us. He'll stand up and when he thinks we aren't looking he'll practice taking steps. Last night he took 5 steps! He'll be walking in no time. I can already tell that Gavin will be one of those people who just doesn't quit.

Gavin is a picky eater. I feel like he's not getting enough nutrition because he won't eat anything! He reminds me of Cade too, eating on the run. He'll only eat a couple of bites at a time and then wants to move on. But he does love potatoes...that's how I know he's mine. Well, and I gave birth to him. :) He'll eat mashed potatoes, hash browns, baked potatoes...he loves them. He also loves music and he loves to roll the ball around the house. A ball will keep him occupied for a good half hour. He'll bat at it, chase it down, and bat at it again. He's gotten pretty fast.

Gavin has brought such joy into our home. His smile is contagious. Cade and Myla continue to dote over him. Cade has taken to carrying him around the house with him now. As long as Gavin stays out of his train tracks, Cade loves to play with him and wants him with him. Myla is a little mommy to him. She's always trying to feed him a bottle and tells me when he needs a diaper change. She talks to him in this high, squeaky baby voice. She loves her little brother. Gavin is becoming a little Daddy's boy. The second Kevin walks in the door, Gavin books it as fast as his little knees can carry him over to Kevin. And if Kevin doesn't pick him up right away he squawks until he does. We are grateful to have Gav in our family. We love him so much. I am continually striving to enjoy each day. It does go so fast. Happy birthday little man!!



Happy bday Gavin! The year really has gone by too quickly!

Jared and Nicole Haws Family

Awe, that was sweet Chris. He's such an adorable boy, just love that kid! I love his eyes, they are so sweet! Happy Birthday Gav-man!!!


What a handsome feller!


Happy Birthday to your not-so-little-anymore guy! The DOES indeed fly by WAY TOO FAST!

Heather Bower

I can't believe he is a year old. That is crazy and so fun. :)

The MacMizzles

He is such a beautiful boy, and what a beautiful post. Happy Birthday Gavin!!! We love you. :)

Taryn Choate

Happy birthday big guy! You are such a cutie and getting SO big!! Hope you had a great day!

Jill Manning

Welcome back to the blogging world, and what a great entry to start your come back. It is so true, I think we run into the same ladies in the produce aisle, the time does go by so fast. Where, oh where, does it go? He is so handsome and such a good baby, Happy Birthday Gavin!!!


Gavin! Happy Birthday. I can't believe he is a year! He is so cute. I love your post bc it really puts all those great moments in perspective. It goes so fast. too fast. It reminds me of that song, "let them be little" i know it's cheesy, but every time I get frustrated with them, I try to remember its only a short time.