Friday, June 20, 2008

Budding Artist

Cade has started drawing people. And they are adorable! I especially love the arms, fingers and legs. It's so fun to hang his drawings on the fridge. He's so proud of what he does. He knows how to write his name and this week started writing Myla and Dad.


Julia M.

Yay! I think it is so thrilling when children start learning how to draw and write. I bet that's so fun for you to watch--Cade's growing up so much!

Jennifer Flake

I LOVE Cade's art work!
...eventually it gets a little old...Kaitlyn wants every little thing she draws to be put on the fridge and I just don't have room in my kitchen to house a fridge big enough! :)


What a great artist. Love it!!

Haws Family

that's so wonderful! he does a really good job! jared just got the hang of coloring in the lines- I can't wait until he draws something to hang up!

The McMillans

Holy stinkin cute! I love that kid, he is always going to be creating, and to that, this aunt raises her arm and salutes him. The world is drowning in mundane. Go Cade!

reyn and heidi

hey ncmillans! Congrats on baby Gavin, he is a very handsome addition to the family. We are very happy for you guys. ;) By the way Cade good job on your art work. You are an artist in training.

reyn and heidi

oh im so embarressed, oops it's supposed to say Mcmillan. haha sorry, i just noticed that. im sorry.

Jay and Kerry

So cute! Sorry we've been out of the loop lately. I love his drawings and I still have all the birthday drawings that you sent me from cade and myla! Congrats on Gavin....if I haven't said that yet. I love you guys!