Monday, March 10, 2008

Feeling the Baby Kick

I've been feeling the baby kick for months now, but just recently we've been able to see the kick from the outside. Cade and Myla love talking about the baby. In fact, everytime I sit down and my bump is more obvious they both put their hands on my tummy and say, "Baby!" in a high pitched voice. It's cute. I'm confident the baby will recognize their voices as much as he/she will recognize mine and Kevin's.

Tonight Baby McMillan was very active and Cade was nearby so I grabbed his hand and put it on my tummy so he could feel the baby kick. He was patient and kept it there. When he felt the baby kick he jerked his hand away and giggled...but immediately put it back to feel it again. It's been really fun to share this pregnancy with the kids. They are so sweet about it and very excited for the baby to come.
PS That's not my belly in the picture. Mine is a lot less attractive--full of stretch marks that I'm sure will never go away.


Jill Manning

Yeah for feeling the baby kick!! This has got to be the best part of being pregnant! And I don't doubt at all that sharing it with your little kids is so much fun. I try to get Ty to feel the baby kick but she stops right when he puts his hand on the tummy, poor guy!


That is the funnest part of being prego. I love that feeling. How fun to have kids old enough to recognize that that is a baby inside.

The McMillans

I was just thinking about your belly yesterday. thinking, I wonder if baby is all movin around and such. How cute that Cade and Myla love the Belly, and baby inside. Oh I wish we could see you all. We love your babies, and can't wait to meet baby number 3!

Jay and Kerry

Awwww!!!! How sweet! I'm so excited for you! I can't wait for new baby McMillan to arrive! You have dang cute kids!

The Blakes

So fun! I always thought it was funny to see an appendage trying to poke through and mis-shaping my belly. I can see why Cade giggled!

Julia M.

How exciting! What fun to share this pregnancy with your children. There's nothing sweeter than hearing toddlers speak to a baby in "Motherese." I love it!

The Earls

So cute! My kids are the same. Dono's felt him kick, but Elliott doesn't have the patience to keep his hand on. But they sure love giving the belly hugs and kisses. It'll be fun to find out what you're having!


I love that I can feel movement. I forgot how much fun that is. Right now it's like my own private joke... it's good mom/baby bonding - soon enough my stomach will look exactly like that super model picture and my kids (Paige at least) will be all over my tummy.