Sunday, November 25, 2007

Our budding Chef...

Cade is such a neat eater. He rarely ever spills, takes appropriate sized bites, and hasn't needed a bib for who knows how long. We're so proud.

Unfortunately, like in many other things, Myla has proven to be the polar opposite of Cade. But only lately have we begun to see that Myla isn't so much messy as experimental, strategic, and methodical. She doesn't just eat her food, she studies it. She tries unique combinations of food that most of us wouldn't consider. Then after a sampling or two, she'll adjust quantities and try again. It's absolutely fascinating to see her mind at work. You just know that someday there will be a host of signature recipe's authored by Chef Myla.

Tonight she took plain old stew (which is anything but plain and old when Christie makes it), and tried to make a stew sandwhich the way her mom does sometimes - place a spoonfull of stew on a buttered roll and enjoy. (Personally, I don't really get it, it's just like dipping the roll in the stew, but potentially messier, but I am not a food connoisseur like the ladies of the house.) But in the end, the stew sandwich didn't quite do it for her. No, no, when your taste is a as precise as Myla's, there is no such thing as perfection, certainly not on the first try anyway. Next came fruit punch stew (or Kool-stew as I call it), followed by stewed brownies, and then stewy fruity browny.

As I said, watching the young budding chef is absolutely fascinating. A food combination that would normally turn you and I off is of no consequence to the acute sensory perception of Myla's palette. I think she knows that somewhere in the mix is a potential flavor that would rock the world.

Watch out Emeril & Rachel Ray, Myla Jade is coming at you!


Julia M.

What a great quality to have! I could really use that sense for Ben and me. I love that you say that she isn't just messy, but methodical and strategic. Children are incredible!

Jay and Kerry

Do you think she could give lessons? I'd pay top dollar for them!!! How adorable!

The Blakes

Looks like she could use an apron!

Blinzinger Family

So cute!! She is so adorable!


I love that Kevin writes on your family blog. I noticed a different "voice" but by Chrisitie refering to herself in 3rd person is not her style. So FUN! I wish Jason & I could blog together. Maybe I will bring that up in our next marriage counseling session. Ha! I love the Everyday with Myla Larae or she could change it to Myla Rae... you know what tone I am using right Christie Rae?