Sunday, March 11, 2007

Is Star Wars Obsession Genetic?

Like father, like son...isn't that what "they" say? In our case, there couldn't me a more true statement. Cade's name should be Kevin Junior. Recently he has discovered Star Wars and has become rather obsessed with it (sigh). It makes his father proud and his mom watch with reluctant amusement. Often times the first thing Cade will say when he wakes up in the morning is "Dar Wars?" He loves the music (which he sings along to), he loves his toy light sabers, he loves watching Daddy play his Star Wars games on the computer. His most recent discovery is Daddy's Star Wars Lego collection (which is fairly extensive). Last night Kevin and Cade spent hours assembling various Lego creations.
Even Myla got in on the action. Mostly she just tried to swipe the Lego pieces, so Kevin gave her the box to tide her over. It worked for a while.
This is the final masterpiece. Kevin informed me it is a Tie Interceptor. As I type this Kevin and Cade are playing with already put together Lego Star Wars planes. Cade is flying them around with his little two-year-old sound effects, which mostly just sound like spitting, but are cute nonetheless.


Jill Manning

Hello Christie, what a great blog! I am so glad that you found mine so that I could get access to yours! I love this story of Cade and his dad falling in love with Star Wars together! THat is awesome! I can't wait to hear more of the adventures of the McMillan family!