Monday, January 29, 2007

The Digital Camera Age

Getting ready for bed, Cade's shirt got stuck on his head!
At such a young age Myla is practicing her posture by balancing a frisbee on her head. :)
Thank goodness for digital cameras. If I were still using my 35mm camera I would be saving the film for the perfect shot, not wanting to waste the money on film and developing. This weekend alone I took 54 pictures. Cade has gotten to the point now where he smiles for the camera, then rushes around to see the final shot. Maybe we have a budding photographer (or model...can we say Blue Magnum?). Of course not all of my pics are masterpieces. Well...none of them are (one of my goals this year is to take a photography class), but I sure think the subject matter is. There are plenty of red-eye or closed-eye or funky face shots, but I love even those, and I can develop what I want. Although I'm not too great at taking pictures (or being in pictures) I love looking at them. They are treasured. The camera is almost a part of the family, at every special occasion, but more importantly at just ordinary occasions. We should give the camera a name...I'll have to discuss one with Kevin. We named our laptop Copernicus (isn't that such a fun name to say?) and our PC is Galileo. What would be a suitable name for our camera?