Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Well here we are! Our very own space on the web. We've finally made it! We wanted to start a little webpage/blog to help keep in contact with friends and family. It's not that we're particularly interesting, but just in case someone thinks "I wonder what the McMillans in Arizona are up to" they can log on and find out! We thought it'd be fun and would love to get feedback and have this as a pretty active site.


Paul McMillan

So does this mean that I am the first to post a comment on this site? If so than "I am the champion," well not really. I just thought that it would be funny. I dont have anything to say other than Hello, so I will do you all a favor and stop talking.

Kerry McMillan

I think this is a great idea! How cute! I love the pictures! You guys are so creative! I hope I remember how to log on so I can see what's new. I'm not too computer saavy but hopefully I'll be able to figure it out!

Freddy Uribe

Hey welcome to the 21st century. I was wondering when you guys were gonna set up a blog. Nice pics webb. love the children. Happy b-day paul. Feel free to drop by my blog at

keep in touch.
freddy aka elder uribe